Make Your Own Eye Shadow in Just 2 EASY Steps

How to make your own eye shadowMaking your own eye shadow is the obvious solution to busting out of an eye shadow rut. Getting bogged down by our beauty routine -- it's happened to all of us! Sure, we can get ready in five minutes (and look damn fine doing it), but it's only natural that slapping on the same couple of colors from the same palates every day would start to lose its appeal.

So you try to spice things up as often as you can. But who has the money (or the time, for that matter) to go busting the bank at Sephora every week? I mean, you could do that -- or you could buy groceries and other necessities, like shoes for your 10-year-old whose feet seem to be expanding daily. It's no contest.


But that doesn't mean chaining yourself to the same three shades of purple until you die. If you've got two minutes and some body lotion, you've got a whole new selection of eyeshadows at your disposal. Our DIY cream eye shadow will totally revamp your cosmetics bag and kick your butt out of that rut.

Try this and still miss the pampering effect of visiting a high-end makeup shop? Then enlist the kids for a little game of "make believe we're beauty consultants." Kid who successfully pampers you, the customer, gets to pick what you have for dinner. 

With that in mind and no further ado, here's everything you need to make your own eye shadow at home! 

DIY Cream Eye Shadow


  • Any eyeshadow of your choosing
  • Fragrance-free body lotion
  • Small plastic containers with lids
  • Coffee Stirrers or Q-tips for mixing


1.) Using the coffee stirrer to move them, combine any number of your eye shadows in the small plastic container. Example: Try a dark green with a gold for a sparkling look perfect for hazel eyes.

2.) Add a drop of lotion and mix until well-blended. Add more lotion or shadow as needed until you reach your preferred consistency and color.

Note: Mixing too many hues of shadow can create a muddy look, so limit yourself to just one or two unless they are from the same color family. Even just one shadow mixed with lotion will alter the powder, creating an ultra-saturated, creamy look. This process is all about trial, error, and having fun.

Helpful tip: Keep the lid on these between uses to prevent drying, and they'll last just as long as a cream shadow you'd buy at any drugstore or cosmetic supplier.

Try this just once and you'll be totally hooked, we swear! I call this the gateway DIY makeup project, because once you see how much money you save, and what great results you get so easily, you'll be banging down the door trying to find other DIY makeup projects to try.

Have you ever tried to make your own makeup?


Image via Courtney Rhodes/Flickr

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