J.Lo’s Glitzy ‘Tree Dress’ Sounds Weird But You’ll Be Wearing One Like It Soon (PHOTO)

J Lo American Idol Jennifer Lopez recently walked down the red carpet in a look that was equal parts glitzy and totally mom-tastic. You don't often pair the words "Jennifer Lopez" and "real life wearable fashion" in the same sentence. After all, this is the woman who let her business out to breathe for all the world to see in her infamous Versace gown.

All that seems to be changing. JLo took a major fashion risk with this dress, but the result is surprising. The knee-length, high-necked dress fit her like a dream. It was tailored to her form without being too tight. Because she picked such a conservative cut, she could afford to go wild when it came to the print -- and wild is the way she went!


The gown is patterned in a blue, tree branch design. Its bold color and reach-out-and-touch-me texture make it a real eye-catcher. Unlike some of her other eye-popping looks from yore though, this is one that wouldn't look totally strange on the average Jill attending a formal function in her real non-celebrity life.

Jennifer Lopez tree dress

Think about it! Pair that dress with a black blazer and a belt and you've got a great look for the office's dinner party. Also, don't forget, it's wedding season. This dress could be a solid investment for each and every spring wedding you attend. It's a bold look, that's for sure, but playing down your makeup, shoes, and jewelry make it an ideal statement piece to work into your wardrobe.

Would you ever wear something this bold?


Image via Jason LaVeris/Getty

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