5 Simple Spa Treatments Your Kids Can Give You at Home

Mommy & Me Spa day Nothing is nicer than a day out at a spa. And what better day to escape and relax than on Mother's Day? Except for that niggling feeling of guilt you get celebrating the joys of mommy-hood away from your kids.

Lucky for you, we've got a fix that gives you the best of both worlds -- and saves you a bundle, too! This Mother's Day, make it a Mommy & Me spa day. Don't worry, we're not saying you all "relax" together (because we are not naive fools). We're saying that this year, put the kiddos to work with these fun, safe, practical, and wallet-friendly at-home spa treatments. They're so easy a kid could do it -- and this year, they will!


1. Yummy Face Masks

Enlist your junior beautician to apply your face mask. Don't worry about buying expensive products that'll go to waste at the hands of an over-eager squeezer. Combining Greek yogurt and honey makes for a brightening mask that's cheap, feels and smells great, and can be licked off of fingers with no ill results.

2. Lemon Sugar Foot Scrubs

Next up? A foot scrub! Combine some lemon juice, brown sugar, and a hint of olive oil and sit back and try not to giggle while the novices tickle your feet while they work.

3. Rainbow Fruity Bath Salts

This one is just as much fun to make as it is to use! Have the kiddos each pick out a different color of Kool-Aid. Add each packet to the tub along with Epsom salts and you've got a relaxing, fruity, colorful bath. The only problem here is keeping your excited helpers out of it!

4. Massage

Everyone has fun with this one. The shoes are coming off! Mom gets to lay down while her amateur masseuses get to work, carefully walking up and down her back. Being gentle is key!

5. Make-Your-Own Pore Strips

This one is sooo much fun -- and everyone can get in on it, as a reward for a hard day's work. Combine a tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of gelatin in a bowl. Microwave for 15 seconds. Then have your helpers coat your nose in the liquid using a brush -- you can do the same for them. Once the liquid dries, it will peel right off, cleaning your pores as it goes.

What else would you add to a Mommy & Me spa day?


Image via Wavebreak Media Ltd/Veer/Corbis

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