4 Tricks to a Sexy Messy Bun You Can Do Yourself

messy bun You know that casual, messy, yet perfect bun you sometimes see on women? It looks like they just twisted their hair up into that 'do with one swift movement. But then you go home and try to do the same thing and it looks all kinds of wrong. Dah! Why is the "messy" bun so hard to pull off?

Well, it's not. We just need the right tutorial -- and I found it! After looking at several different versions, I've found my very favorite how-to for the mussed-just-right top knot, that bun that makes you look like an effortlessly chic femme from Paris. And best of all, I tried it out myself, and if I can pull it off, anyone can.


Here are a few tips to make it work.

1. Finger comb all of your hair way up to the top of your head -- the very top, not too far back. Don't worry about getting your hair perfectly smooth.

top knot

2. Twist your hair and coil it around into a tight bun.

3. Secure that bun with an elastic a little bit away from your roots.

4. Now, tug your hair loose from the bun. Pull strands from opposite ends of the bun away from each other all around. (This is me doing my own bun.)


When you've arrived at your desired messiness, you're done!

top knot

Here's Makeup by Alli to demonstrate -- I love how much detail she shows.

Have you ever attempted the messy bun?


Images via MakeupByAlli/YouTube

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