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6 Tips for Contouring Your Makeup Like a Pro (VIDEO)

We've come a long way since the '80s, when contouring and highlighting your face usually meant you were left with a block of brown beneath your cheeks and stripey, shimmery, disco-ball powder on your cheekbones. Scary!

Modern-day contouring is all about bringing out your best features and bone structure while looking like you're not wearing any makeup at all. If contouring intimidates you and you feel like you need a degree in art to make it work, you're not alone -- but you are wrong. The great news is that contouring is wildly popular this season. There's no lack of great tutorials out there to help guide us on our path to beauty perfection.

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So let's get started -- here are 6 tips for contouring and highlighting your face so that you look your absolute best!

Of course, it's always helpful to watch a great online contouring tutorial like this one. Try these tricks and let us know how it goes!


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1Step 1: Survey Your Face

Line your makeup brush with the top of your ear and the corner of your mouth. You can easily see the divide between your cheekbone, which you will highlight, and the space below, which you will be contouring.

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2Step 2: Contour the Hollows of Your Cheeks

Load up your contouring brush with a matte tan/bronze powder -- the hue should work with your skin tone. Place your brush close to the middle of the ear and brush downward in a circular motion. Make sure you are working the color into the hollow beneath your cheek.

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3Step 3: Blend!

Using the same contouring brush, work the color up to your sideburn area and the corner of your ear.

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4Step 4: Use 'Rule of 3' to Contour Entire Side of Face

Imagine drawing the number 3 from your forehead to just beneath your cheekbone to the bottom of your jaw -- this is exactly where you should brush your contour powder next!

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5Step 5: Contour Your Nose

Wish you had a more narrow nose? Guess what? You can get one with contouring! Simply tap a small brush into your contouring powder (with a light hand) and dab the sides of your nose and the tip with a bit of powder. Instant button nose!

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