'Human Barbie' Makeup-Free Pics Show What She's REALLY Like

human barbie

Self-proclaimed "Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova has posted a makeup-free selfie to the web for all her fans. Normally, when celebrities (a term applied loosely here) share photos of themselves sans any sort of cosmetic enhancement, it's in an attempt to make them seem more like us -- more real and easier to relate to than they usually appear. But that's not the case here. Valeria posted this picture to prove that even without makeup, she's more Barbie-like than anyone else alive.

It's hard to argue with her. The various surgical procedures she's had done over the years have made her resemble everyone's favorite plastic girl-doll. Her extremely small waist, her wide eyes, and her seemingly pore-free skin definitely exude Barbie. Still, whether she wants to admit it or not, she definitely looks better with less makeup on. I mean, she still looks insane, but the crazy is toned down a notch. Or 12.  


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Nothing this woman could ever do would really and truly tone down her look. And she's right -- even without the makeup, she is still Barbie come to life. Plus, let's be real: for her, "without makeup" just means "not caking it on," but I still spy foundation, eyebrow pencil, and mascara at least.

Valeria without makeup

That said, without her full face on, you get a glimpse of the girl Valeria used to be. You know, before the urge to Barbie-fie herself came to pass. 

I'm not saying that without makeup, Valeria "looks like us." That would be impossible given all the work she's had done. Her appearance is still shocking to behold, but without the completed effect her usual layers of makeup provide, she looks slightly more human than doll.

I wonder if she realizes it. Probably not. If she did, those photos would already be deleted along with all other proof that she is a mere mortal. 


Image via Twitter

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