Shopping Nightmares

Photo by LelandsMommy

Shopping...either you love it or you hate it. But even those of us who love it, shopping during this time of year can bring out the worst in people. There is a lively conversation going on in the private group Stay At Home Moms where one CafeMom asks, "What gets on your nerves the most when you go shopping?"


Here are some of the responses:

  • What really gets on my nerves is when people stand in the middle of the aisle talking to someone else, then when you say excuse me, they just keep standing there.
  • It also annoys me when there are certain things that I want to buy that are on sale and everything is gone.
  • The big pallets that block the aisles.
  • Too many announcements over the intercom.
  • When people let their kids play tag in the store, or ride the bicycles, or skateboards in the aisles. 
  • I hate it when I'm at a department store with my DD in her stroller and I want to try something on. I always have to go to some other dressing room across the store because that's the only one with a stall big enough to fit her stroller!
  • The people who use the self-checkouts, but have NO clue what they are doing!
  • When people are judgemental of you as a parent in a store.  I tapped my son on the butt because he was doing something I don't remember and some lady came up to me and started going off on me. People need to mind their own business!

Totally agree with these! Let's vent, ladies. What drives you nuts when you are shopping?

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