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4 Gorgeous MTV Movie Awards Looks & 4 That Made Us Groan (PHOTOS)

lupita nyong'oIt's April. It's time for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. And we're all tired of formal fashion! Time to take things down a notch. Now that the big, fancy awards season is over, the celebs lighten up for this laid-back, casual show. But this is still no time to phone it in. I can't believe how many little black dresses I saw last night. Are we that sick of dressing up? Not everyone is! Here are four ensembles worth talking about and four ensembles that gave Grumpy Cat a reason to growl.

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1Best: Lupita Nyong'o

I think Lupita basically attends awards shows now just to show everyone else how it's done. She could wear a paper bag on the red carpet and I'd probably love it. But this confetti-looking Chanel dress was (sigh) perfect. It's playful and looks amazing on her. And her blue shoes are like the spring sky.

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2Worst: Shailene Woodley

I am putting Shailene on the worst list under duress because I was outvoted here at The Stir! You probably hate it too. I know this gladiator-style crop top with pleated skirt is deeply weird. Olive green leather?!? And I think the twist in the crop top is perplexing. But overall it's funky with the right amount of restraint, it's unique, and it looks great on her. The sandals really work, and her cropped hair is adorable.

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3Best: Zac Efron

Thank you, Zac Efron, for wearing a tear-away shirt. And thank you for later on not wearing it.

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4Worst: Rihanna

What the hell is this? It's like she just stepped out of her bedroom: "I woke up like this!" I'm not a fan of this satin nightie and robe ensemble. The robe does have a lovely flow to it, but the whole thing hides Rihanna's body and makes us feel sleepy.

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5Best: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's crop top and poofy skirt are totally on-trend. And what fresh spring colors! Love the black and white shoes.

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6Worst: Ellen Page

Ellen, you just came out a few weeks ago. This is no way to make your debut! An oversized chambray shirt and leather jeans? Zzzzzz. See Ellen DeGeneres for how to do butch Hollywood-style.

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7Best: Nicki Minaj

Nicki looked like a goddess, that is all. No really, I loved her simple, figure-hugging dress and the bold gold jewelry. And her long, flowing hair pushed it over the top. Overall surprisingly tasetful for Ms. Minaj.

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