Cher Dares to Wear Pasties at 67 -- Do You Dare Look? (PHOTOS)

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cher nipple pastiesCould someone please help me? I've gone temporarily blind from seeing something I didn't want to see this morning. Something my brain is desperately trying to forget. What was it again? Oh no, I remember now: Oh God -- it's the sight of Cher wearing glitter heart pasties. I would tear out my eyeballs now, but it's clearly too late. The damage is done. 

Cher wore bright red, sequined, heart-shaped pasties in a performance for her "Dressed to Kill" tour. DRESSED TO KILL INDEED. This was just one of many eye-stabbing costumes the 67-year-old matron of glam wears in her show, including something that looks like her "Turn Back Time" strappy bondage bodice. Do you dare feast your eyes on Cher with glitter heart boobs? Do you?!? 

cher nipple pasties

I knew you couldn't resist. Hey, actually I have to give the woman some respect. She must have some sort of bionic confidence to pull off one half-naked costume after another at her age. She's almost 70! And even though we're maybe seeing more of her than we want to, she's in pretty damn great shape for any age.

Not to mention how impressive it is that she's pulling off this stage performance. Cher has incredible stamina and energy, and I admire that. I want to be that strong and energetic when I'm 67. It's inspiring, in a way. 

cher nipple pasties

And how about this? There are throngs of people who actually DO want to see Cher in glitter heart pasties: Gay men. I couldn't begin to understand what that's all about, but good for Cher and her fans. Something is working there, even if I don't get it.

Do you think Cher's heart pasties are giving Madonna ideas?


Images via tcamino33/Instagram, breiss2014/Instagram

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LiveL... LiveLongProsper

 It's just an illusion. She is wearing a nude color bra, with rhinestones and glitter hearts over the nipple areat. You can tell by the slight change in color between her chest skin and the bra covered area. The sparkling trim gives a clearly visible outline. Also, if it was just the pasties those extra rhinestones would have to be glued directly on to her skin.

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Shaming a woman for her age? Disgusting even for this site.

Lokis... LokisMama

She still looks awesome for her age. :-p

nonmember avatar Terri

She looks fantastic. Jealous much?

nikiself nikiself

what is wrong with this site shaming an older lady for her age and what she decides to wear to HER concert? wow this site has gone to crap!

amand... amandalna

Think about it she might be 67 but she has the body of a twenty or thirty something female. Its called plastic surgery! She has the money to look like that!! Good for her to still be able to do that! And be confident enough in her body to do too!!

nonmember avatar Jeanette

I think for her age she has a rocking body still. Im 34 and i could never wear what she wearing.

nonmember avatar Kyla

Well I wouldn't mind looking like her at my age now. She looks awesome. I think someone is a little jealous maybe?

miche... micheledawn1975

This almost makes me not want to belong to this site anymore. I saw Cher in concert a week and a half ago so I saw her in that outfit and many others. She looked amazing and she sounded amazing. Shame on you for putting her down because of her age.

Jessica Schultz

I was at that concert, (in Detroit) she was amazing in everything she wore. So at 67 let's see if you have the balls to do that. CHER can do anything. For the record not all the people in the audience was a gay man or a lesbian.

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