Beyonce's 'Thigh Gap' Pic Looks Like a Total Fake (PHOTO)

BeyonceBeyonce is getting hit up with those photoshop accusations once again. Normally I'd say this was a case of haters doing what they do best (to be clear, what they do best is hating). But the photos she's thought to have doctored on her Instagram account make me suspicious of Bey, much though I hate to admit it -- and you guys know how much I loathe admitting things. 

In the pics that have everyone (myself included) raising their eyebrows with curiosity, Beyonce is playing golf. That in and of itself is enough to set one to head-scratching. Surely someone as brassy and faboo as Sasha Fierce has more interesting ways of passing the time, no? Apparently not. In one shot, Beyonce is standing, knees bent, preparing to hit the ball (or so I assume, I know nothing of how golf is played). 


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She's photographed with an infamous 'thigh gap.' You know, that perversely lauded and totally unattainable (for the most part) magical triangle of nothing but air that is supposed to exist where the tops of our thighs meet? It's one of the worst forms of 'thinspiration' out there, women striving to live up to the impossible standards we see models presenting on the regs. 

beyonce's instagram photoshop debate

Beyonce is all woman, and all beautiful. She's also tiny! But she's got natural curves, and those curves don't allow for noise like a thigh-gap to exist! They just don't. I don't mean to waggle my finger at Bey for this blatant shopping, I just want to point out how SAD it is that even someone as amazing as she is feels pressure to achieve some constantly out of reach idea of what it means to be truly beautiful. By the same token, I still wish I looked like Beyonce. 

Do you think she photoshopped the pic?


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