Rihanna's Bare Bottom Is on Full Display in Shocking New Spread (PHOTO)

Bad Girl RiRi poses bottomlessHave you seen Rihanna naked? Unless you are a famous person who previously enjoyed a relationship with the sultry singer, probably not. Can you change that with a glance at one set of racy photos? You totally can. Well, you half can, anyway.

Rihanna, in a move that we can only call classic bad girl RiRi, posed for a provocative photo-shoot for a French magazine. While her upstairs bits and bobs were all nice and covered up, Rihanna's bottom half was on display for the world (and the camera crew) to see.

I don't care who you are: Every person who struts around with just their lower parts exposed looks vaguely goofy. Even RiRi. It just reminds me of a baby who's escaped his diaper -- more comedic than sex-bomb material. "But they've hired a guy to pour water on her," you say. "Surely that makes it sexy." I shake my head and tell you no. That does not make it "sexy." That makes her probably a little chilly.


If anyone could make going bottomless "happen" as a trend, it would be Rihanna. I kind of rolled my eyes when I saw the photos. I mean, come on! What, is going topless not enough?


I can hear her shaking her head at the thought and insisting that baring her breasts was "so 2013." If 2014 is the year we are all expected to take our nude fannies out for a walk, then do not plan on seeing me outdoors much.

Do you think her latest pics look hot or horrible?


Images via Instagram/Instagram

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