15 Lifesaving Lip Gloss Hacks We Swear You Haven't Thought Of

15 other ways to use your lig glossClear lip gloss is one of those items we've all got kicking around in our purse. In fact, we've probably got a tube in EVERY purse we have, and in some cases, even more than one. It's a product we are constantly using and then losing and then re-buying it.

The fact that we only use it for typically just one thing? Now that's just plain wasteful. You might not think it to look at that tube of gooey stuff, but there's a whole lot more you can with your gloss beside perfect your pout with it. This stuff is practically all-purpose! Here are just 15 of the other ways you can you your lip gloss. We bet some will surprise you.


1.) Cuticle Butter

Cuticles in dire need of softening and your next manicure is so far down on your to-do list that it's almost tragic? Use your lip stuff instead for a quick fix.

2.) Hair Putty For The Short-Haired

A tiny amount on the tips of your fingers run through your hair from the bottom through to the ends gives you an unexpectedly great texturizer.

3.) Heel Healer

Slipping into a pair of sling-backs at the office and shocked by the sight of your dry heels? A little gloss makes for a great in a pinch fix.

4.) Elbow Treatment

While slightly squicky, this one ain't no thing if your are going sleeveless. Make your elbows nice and hydrated without lugging around lotion.

5.) Instantly Younger Eyes

For a dewy look, ditch the shadow and use the gloss. It instantly softens for you a youthful appearance.

6.) Split-End Life-Saver For The Long-Haired

What's good for the short-haired is great for the long-maned! A teeny bit of gloss on your ends helps between visits to the salon to manage those split ends.

7.) Reinvent Your Powder Blush

Take your blush from powder to a cream with a simple assist from your gloss.

8.) Save Your Hairline While Coloring

Before applying your at home hair color, apply a protective barrier of gloss all along your hairline to prevent staining on the skin.

9.) Changing Outdoor Light-bulbs

It can be hard changing light-bulbs that are located outside just because of how much they are exposed to. Ring each bulbs screw bottom with a hint of gloss to make for easier removal later.

10.) Stubborn Zipper Buster

A personal favorite. If you've got a zipper that just won't budge, an application of gloss should ease things right up.

11.) Dry Nose Treatment

A life-saver for those super-cold or super-sunburned days. A hint of gloss around the sensitive nasal tissue soothes what hurts.

12.) Ring Remover

Got a ring that just won't budge? Forget butter -- go gloss, or go home. It will help slip that thing right off.

13.) Highlighter

A dab on your brow-bones or cheek-bones acts like an all-in one highlighter after applying foundation!

14.) Eyebrow's Best Friend

Unruly brows be gone! A quick slick helps keep even the wildest brows well under control.

15.) Free New Eyeliner

Down an eyeliner? Blend some gloss with your favorite eye shadow for a great, long-lasting, and moisturizing liner free of charge!

Do you have any other things you use your lip gloss for?


Image via Jacob Yuri Wackerhausen/Tetra Images/Corbis

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