Tattoo Care Tips That Will Keep Your Little Beauty Looking Fine

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I've got two tattoos. I got one when I was 18 and the other, two weeks ago, at age 30. A lot changed between the two inkings. For example, this go 'round I was much more concerned about how to keep my tattoo looking good and making sure it didn't get an infection or fade. The first time I basically ... did nothing! 


I turned to the Internet for guidance on how best to heal my tattoo, and I got a load of conflicting advice. Luckily, a plucky girl reporter, it was within my power to solve this problem. I interviewed Toph McDermott, an insanely talented St. Louis-based tattoo artist, and picked his brain about tattoo myths, what to do right after you get a tattoo, and how to prepare before you walk in the shop door.  

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Images via Chase Elliott Clark/Flickr and Tattoos By Toph

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