Katy Perry Looks Like a Hot Mess & It's All John Mayer's Fault (PHOTO)

Katy Perry slime green hair Katy Perry's latest look is a disaster. I've actually coined a phrase to cover its myriad sins: Breakup Chic. The slime green hair, the sexy-granny look she's trying to make happen, none of it is really her fault. Breakups can make even the sanest among us do crazy things. Katy here is living, breathing proof. That's why you're always reading about how you should never cut off all your hair or make any other drastic changes to your appearance right after you call it quits with someone. 

So you see, if you want to blame anyone for this latest whack-a-doo choice in duds that Katy's wearing, you're better off blaming John Mayer. If the twosome hadn't split, I can't imagine Katy going slime green OR thinking that doing her best imitation of your grandmother wearing a crop-top was a really good idea. Katy's body is bangin' (don't you love alliteration?), but dude -- no matter how hot you are, this look is not. 


Katy would have been better off going conservative or going risque. She erred when she thought doing both at once was a thing wise or even possible. I'm not wild about floral prints as a rule (too many years spent forced into Laura Ashley dresses as a kid in the '80s). I'd be willing to make an exception for the bold print here based on the length of the dress and the unique oversized look of said florals.

Katy Perry

But I can't make that exception. Because this dress is also a crop-top. And that is as unacceptable as my grandmother getting her nipples pierced. Seriously though! If you are wearing a dress that doesn't even show your knees but then is all "behold, my abdominals," think twice before leaving the house! Katy is beautiful and talented. She's just reeling from her split with John Mayer. With any luck this breakup chic blunder will prove to be the exception and not the rule for her wardrobe from now on. 

Do you like Katy's dress?


Images via Trina Hobson/Getty/Instagram

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