Beyonce Stuns With ‘Bare’ New Look -- You’ve NEVER Seen Her Like This!

beyonceSpring is definitely here. I know, because I just saw Beyonce's latest magazine cover, her first since releasing her self-titled album. Bey is featured on this month's Out magazine, and she looks stunning. So stunning, in fact, that they decided she didn't need any clothes and they'd better not run a bunch of text all over the place. It's just a chic, black and white photo of Beyonce in a platinum bob, with "OUT" on the top and "POWER" running on the bottom. Okay, then! Here comes the sun. Winter is so over.


First of all, let's talk about this blond bob. Not everyone could rock it the way Beyonce does. It's classic Marilyn Monroe, airy like cotton candy with just the right amount of curl. And if you're going to go blond, why not go all the way with the palest shade possible? It practically looks white.

beyonce out cover

Bey's 'do is perfect for spring, don't you think? Reminds me of cherry blossoms and white puffy clouds. So light and fun. And it's a wig, of course, so it kind of makes me want to run out and get a Marilyn wig myself. You know, just to borrow a little bit of that sexy magic, on a temporary basis? With some long fake eyelashes!

And then I love what they did with the rest of her look -- by which I mean almost nothing. When you're Beyonce, all you need is strong brows, thick lashes, lip gloss, and the usual glowing skin. Flawless. Oh, and a few simple necklaces. And the word POWER running across your neck. Bey's interview is all about empowerment through claiming your sexuality, which is an idea I can definitely get behind. But she sure says it all with just this look.

What do you think of Beyonce in a platinum bob?


Image via Out

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