Star's Crazy New Shaved Hair Isn't as Bad as It Sounds (PHOTO)

Kelly OsbourneHide your hair clippers, y'all! This new hair-shaving trend for ladies is becoming an epidemic. Kelly Osbourne just shared a pic of herself on Instagram showcasing her new haircut. It should come as no surprise that Kelly's bold enough to shave off a portion of her locks. After all, girlfriend is not wary of showcasing outrageous beauty trends.

This settles it once and for all: Partial head-shaving is an acceptable thing now. I still have a hard time acknowledging that shaving off massive chunks of hair is a new tress trend, but that's just my deeply rooted sense of denial talking. I love jumping on a fashion bandwagon as much as the next person, but I feel this look would make me look like I suffered a terrible accident -- and I'm not alone!


Kelly might usually be cutting edge where such matters are concerned, but in this instance, she isn't the first to break out the buzz-clippers. Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer shaved off one side of her long, blondish locks not so long ago. Following closely behind her on the buzz-clipping train was the ever colorful Demi Lovato.

Natalie's haircut made me deeply sad. She looks so great with long hair! I know she's going for an edgier look, but with that cut, she now has no options other than edge. It's a limiting look, and I don't care if that makes me sound beyond lame. Same goes for Demi. I think she's beautiful, but I also happen to think that the partial-shave on her looks like an accident rather than something she was going for intentionally.

All of my huffing and puffing out of the way, Kelly's take on the shave ... kind of worked for me? Let's put it this way -- it's the first take on the partial shave that I could actually imagine seeing on the average person walking down the street. I think the stunning color of her hair and the fact that the rest of the cut is super-conservative make her tiny bit of shaving work. That said, I won't be trying this look out any time soon.

Would you ever try the partial-shave?


Image via Instagram

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