4 ACM Awards Looks That Wowed & 4 That Made Us Wince (PHOTOS)

Taylor SwiftDo you like fashion? Do you like music? If you answered 'yes' to either one/both of those, OR you happen to feel like humoring me, you are in the right place! Last night, the glittery, cowboy-hat-wearing stars that dot the firmament of the country music scene came out to honor themselves and each other at the American Country Music Awards.

It was a great event, and the fashion was eye-catching. I mean that in ways both good and bad. I've been staring at photos since the event, trying to sort out my choices for the best looks of the night and the worst.

There was singing and swaying as the stars came out to look back on the year that was. But don't let their folksy roots and down-home flavor fool you. Ain't nobody knows better how to get damn fancy than the stars of the country music scene.

There was hair, and there was tulle, and there were jewels: Oh the jewels. It was hard to pick out which looks really stole the show last night. Still, I managed to finally out pick my favorite ensembles. But in every life, some rain must also fall. Thus it was that I also picked some of the not-so-awesome (aka 'WTF are they wearing?!') looks the night had to offer. Check them out!

Did your favorite gown of the night make the list?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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tbruc... tbrucemom

What's funny is I saw the same dresses on a different website and the ones that are considered best here were worse there and vice versa!

linzemae linzemae

Kellie looked flawless. And the chick from the band Perry should have been a "best" over Carrie

nonmember avatar cheryl Smith

Wow she is Beautiful and sexy as hell

nonmember avatar cheryl Smith

Miranda lambert freakin rocked it by her self and george strait loved that dress and loved the jean outfit with the glitter boots freakin AWESOME She is the most amazing female vocalist to me right now love her and all her songs the meanings just touch my heart love her she is A GORGEOUS BABY.

nonmember avatar cheryl Smith

The picture of Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert was Awesome They are an awesome couple just perfect for each other isure hope before long they do settle down and have a baby butnot for at least 2 yearsThey are just perfect couple and make it look easy although u know it cant be I would like to see them more together They are Awesome love them and their music rocks both of them together or alone just beautiful music And damn he is a tall drink of water love his new album as we'll enough I guess

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

How does taylor get a best????

Shes ugly and so was that outfit.

BGarcel BGarcel

I liked Shakira's dress :(

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