4 ACM Awards Looks That Wowed & 4 That Made Us Wince (PHOTOS)

Taylor SwiftDo you like fashion? Do you like music? If you answered 'yes' to either one/both of those, OR you happen to feel like humoring me, you are in the right place! Last night, the glittery, cowboy-hat-wearing stars that dot the firmament of the country music scene came out to honor themselves and each other at the American Country Music Awards.

It was a great event, and the fashion was eye-catching. I mean that in ways both good and bad. I've been staring at photos since the event, trying to sort out my choices for the best looks of the night and the worst.

There was singing and swaying as the stars came out to look back on the year that was. But don't let their folksy roots and down-home flavor fool you. Ain't nobody knows better how to get damn fancy than the stars of the country music scene.

There was hair, and there was tulle, and there were jewels: Oh the jewels. It was hard to pick out which looks really stole the show last night. Still, I managed to finally out pick my favorite ensembles. But in every life, some rain must also fall. Thus it was that I also picked some of the not-so-awesome (aka 'WTF are they wearing?!') looks the night had to offer. Check them out!

Did your favorite gown of the night make the list?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

  • Best: Taylor Swift


    Image via Getty

    *Slow clap that leads into massive, stadium-sized applause for Taylor Swift* Country's beloved cross-over darling took a big risk and it totally paid off. In a combination of words I never thought to employ -- suck it Angelina Jolie's leg, Taylor's is where it's at.

  • Worst: Shawna Thompson


    Image via Getty

    Shawna Thompson took the old adage of going big or going home very much to heart last night. That said, with a look so outrageous, we would not be surprised if going big got her sent home. Thankfully there is plenty of dress for her to dry her tears of exclusion with.

  • Best: Miranda Lambert


    Image via Getty

    Miranda Lambert KILLED it. Can you say 'bombshell'?! Run and hide Marilyn Monroe's ghost, because Miranda is bringing it! Also, do ghosts run? Probably not. HOVER WEIRDLY AWAY YON SPECTER!

  • Worst: Shakira


    Image via Getty

    Look, Shakira. Cutout gowns are all well and good, but you and I both know that when that gown comes off, you are left looking as though you have a rare and alarming dermatological disease.

  • Best: Carrie Underwood


    Image via Getty

    If a GIF does not yet exist of the totally gorgeous Carrie Underwood shimmying to make her beads dance yet -- it should. Get on it, Internet. Love this long, sheath look.

  • Worst: Kacey Musgrave


    Image via Getty

    Kacey Musgraves looks about as happy to be wearing this ruched-to-the-max number as I am to be staring at it. It's not the worst look of the night, but it is so, so, so far from being the best. 'Meh' all around with points for at least seeming to regret it.

  • Best: Danielle Bradbery


    Image via Getty

    I'm kind of obsessed with Voice-winner Danielle Bradbery's gown -- and how she looks in it! She manages to pull off the stark white, the plunging neckline, AND the long-sheer over short-skirt trend. Basically that's the fashion equivalent of winning an EGOT.

  • Worst: Kellie Pickler


    Image via Getty

    Kellie Pickler seems to feel great in her gown for the evening. She also seems to have no feet. WHO DID THIS TO YOU, KELLIE?

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