Star Gets Crazy Liquid Gold Facial for Equally Crazy Price (PHOTO)

I'm no skinflint when it comes to spending money on beauty and skin care products, and I've had more than a few facials in my time, but holy moly people! This latest celebrity facial craze is really beyond.

Supermodel Bar Refaeli posted a photo of her face covered in gold goo to her Instagram account the other day. Guess what she was up to ... and how much it costs?

Let's take a looksie, shall we?



Reportedly, that gold stuff dripping off of Bar's face is what's known as a "Gold Bee Venom Facial," which costs around 1,000 British pounds, or over $1,600 U.S.

I mean ... what?! Right? Does it, like, rewind your skin in front of your eyes?

According to a write-up I found, bee venom is known as "nature’s Botox," which means it "firms, smooths, lifts, and most importantly 'freezes' the skin." (Um, for how long? At least all day, I should hope!)

Then, on top of everything else (literally), apparently a 24-carat gold mask is applied over the bee venom goo, in order to "lock in the cream."

Paging Marie Antoinette! Your beautician is here!

Look, I know that bee venom is the latest hot skincare ingredient, and in fact I've been wanting to try a product myself called Manuka Doctor Apinourish Rejuvenating Face Mask. It contains Manuka honey and "purified bee venom," which the company says "was proven to prevent sun damage and accelerate the recovery of damaged skin cells." It's $85 for a 1.65-oz container of it at Sephora, which is not cheap but not totally crazy when you think about how many applications that includes.

UNLIKE, SAY, A SINGLE FACIAL that costs over $1,600!

Don't get me wrong: if someone offered me the opportunity to try it out, of course I'd say yes. But to pay that much money for something that's legitimately only skin deep?

Celebs: they really are NOT just like us.

What would you rather do with an extra $1,600?


Images via ZenSpa1/Flickr and BarRefaeli/Instagram

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