Jennifer Aniston's Dramatic Makeover Will Give You a Shock (PHOTO)

Jennifer AnistonIf you love those photos of celebrities where they have cellulite, bags under the eyes, acne, and snot dripping from their nose, because it makes you feel like those elevated beings are really just human like the rest of us, then you will ADORE these new photos of Jennifer Aniston. In her new movie, Cake, Jen obviously plays a plain Jane. Because she looks absolutely nothing like her usual gorgeous self.


Feast your eyes:

 Jennifer Aniston

Seriously, can you believe that? Frumpy ladies of the world, unite! The woman who Brad Pitt married looks ... just like us! Or maybe worse.

This just goes to show you how a little can go a long way. Remember that old ad, "This is your brain on drugs" and then someone fries an egg? This is like Jen's looks on a diet of Walmart clothes and $20 haircuts.

Take off that baggy sweatshirt and put on a well-fitted dress; add a professional makeup and hair job; and voila! She'd be back to Jennifer Aniston again.

I mean, if Jen walked down the street looking like this all the time, I think she'd be hard pressed to find a date. And yet she's engaged to hunkazoid Justin Theroux. It just takes blond highlights and perfectly applied bronzer, people!

Think of this the next time you sink into despair that you will never be as beautiful as a celeb. Apparently it doesn't take THAT much to make a world of difference.

Oh, and don't forget the expression on your face. This sour one is doing Jen no favors at all.

Did you ever think Jen could look this plain?

Image via Shahanaj27/Flickr

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