Wearing Bright Lipstick for a Week Had a Surprising Effect on Me (PHOTOS)

I pretty much wear at least a little bit of makeup every day, but you'll hardly ever catch me wearing bold or bright lipstick, except for the ocassional special event like New Year's Eve. And yet, I love the way it looks on other people! (Especially the ladies of Mad Men. Am I right?) About a month ago I had a little epiphany: I happened to have bright red lipstick on when I popped into the grocery store one afternoon, and it totally made the whole chore much more enjoyable. So, I thought it would be fun to run a little experiment: put lipstick on every single day for a week -- and I mean bold lipstick that Betty Draper would approve of -- and see how it affected my outlook (if at all).

I just picked a random Monday to start my experiment, and you can see a photo a day, what I was up to, and the particular shade I was wearing, in the slideshow below. Did my lipstick improve my mood? Click through to find out! Groundbreaking scientific research, I say!

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nonmember avatar Kassy

I live in Minnesota where pretty much only old ladies where lipstick. It looks great on celebrities, but not so good in real life. What did it do to you? Duck face in most of your pics. The ones where you weren't duck face were only... Eh. You're beautiful, though. I'd say, stick with the natural look, and please, for the love of god... No more duck face on any occasion !!!

lalab... lalaboosh

I see so many pretty ladies casually wearing red lipstick around hete, I really want to become one. I think I'll buy three shades and when I do I'll make myself wear it every day for two weeks so it becomes normal. I always feel funny in lipstick, but that's probably just because I never wear it. Lol.

lalab... lalaboosh

Ugh, my screen is cracked so I couldn't see my typos.

Katha... Katharine205

I love my red lipstick (although they're au natural today).  Loved the lipstick photos, and they looked good!  lalaboosh - it's a matter of finding the right red to complement your coloring.  I have auburn hair, dark eyes and neutral skin so a wine color looks best on me.  If you have blond hair and cool skin then a more pinkish red works for you.  The cooler your coloring the cooler the red, the warmer your coloring the warmer the red.  Revlon makes a lip butter that comes in a couple of really nice red shades that gives you a nice red color is a little easier to wear than a full lipstick, it's a little lighter and glossier.  Their 'Red Velvet' is my favorite but there's a brighter red too in that line.

nonmember avatar Amy

I LOVE it! Anything we can do to brighten our days, why not?? Kassy needs a hug I think (grumpy much?!). She's making silly faces for a reason. I loved the article. People take life too seriously. Smile A little more and take the time to do a random act of kindness! I promise it will improve your day and someone else's! God bless

undrc... undrcvrmom

Love it!  And you are beautiful:)  I have a bright pink that I have been wearing all winter.

nonmember avatar cherrypop87

I am so jealous I get really bad allergic reactions to lipsticks. I can't use anything but vaseline on my lips. I see all the cute spring colors that I want to try and this girl can only dream. You look beautiful rock it!!

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