Wearing Bright Lipstick for a Week Had a Surprising Effect on Me (PHOTOS)

Wearing Bright Lipstick for a Week Had a Surprising Effect on Me (PHOTOS)

I pretty much wear at least a little bit of makeup every day, but you'll hardly ever catch me wearing bold or bright lipstick, except for the ocassional special event like New Year's Eve. And yet, I love the way it looks on other people! (Especially the ladies of Mad Men. Am I right?) About a month ago I had a little epiphany: I happened to have bright red lipstick on when I popped into the grocery store one afternoon, and it totally made the whole chore much more enjoyable. So, I thought it would be fun to run a little experiment: put lipstick on every single day for a week -- and I mean bold lipstick that Betty Draper would approve of -- and see how it affected my outlook (if at all).

I just picked a random Monday to start my experiment, and you can see a photo a day, what I was up to, and the particular shade I was wearing, in the slideshow below. Did my lipstick improve my mood? Click through to find out! Groundbreaking scientific research, I say!

  • Day 1: Clinique at Chipotle


    Image via April Daniels Hussar

    To kick off the week, I applied Clinique Chubby Stick in "Grandest Grape" whilst sitting in the car Monday evening, waiting for my daughter Isabella to get out of play practice. I had plenty of time as she got out THIRTY MINUTES LATE. We were starving, so we hightailed it to Chipotle, where I felt quite spiffy indeed eating my chips and guac.

  • Day 2: Butter London and my laptop


    Image via April Daniels Hussar

    Tuesday was a long day; I felt chained to my laptop. I enlisted Isabella to take this photo of me sporting one of my favorite lipsticks, Butter London Lippy in Abbey Rose.  I love that she doesn't even ask why anymore, just chalks it up to another one her mommy's wacky requests.
    MOOD IMPROVEMENT? Not so much ... I was really tired!

  • Day 3: The Body Shop at the mall


    Image via April Daniels Hussar

    Wednesday is traditionally "Ladies Night" at my house because my husband works late. Isabella and I hit the mall last week for California Pizza Kitchen and a quick stop at Claire's. It was a really gloomy day, so I opted for my brightest pink lipstick, which alas The Body Shop no longer carries so I can't link to it!

  • BITE Beauty and .... my laptop again


    Image via April Daniels Hussar

    Annnnnd here I am again at home, with my laptop! Typical balancing act, carrying all my Apple devices and my coffee up to my home office. I'm wearing another one of my favorites, BITE Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in "Rhubarb."
    MOOD IMPROVEMENT? Yes! Somehow I just felt a little more efficient and "with it" even schlepping around doing work from home.

  • Day 5: Kate Spade Beauty at the school play


    Image via April Daniels Hussar

    On Friday night, my husband and I went to see our daughter's school play. Here were are waiting for it to start; he's checking his voicemails and I'm wearing Kate Spade Beauty supercalifragilipstick in "Decadent Berry." The play was adorable and the Kate Spade definitely felt festively appropriate! I was feeling under the weather but made it through.
    MOOD ENHANCEMENT? Kate Spade always enhances my mood!

  • Day 6: Flower beauty and a glass of wine


    Image via April Daniels Hussar

    Saturday was another lonnnnng day -- it was pouring rain, I was still fighting my cold, and we went to a repeat, matinee performance of the school play. Since Isabella was on stage for about 8 minutes total, it was .... long. We made dinner and I was very happy to share a bottle of red wine with my husband. I even managed to put on some Flower Kiss Stick in "Get to the Pointsetta."
    MOOD IMPROVEMENT? Red wine + red lipstick = YES!

  • Day 7: More BITE Beauty and the laundry


    Image via April Daniels Hussar

    Sunday, I finally felt better, and had a productive morning tidying up and, yep, doing laundry while wearing another BITE Beauty shade, the super rich and bright "Cranberry."
    MOOD IMPROVEMENT? It was laundry, people. But still ... a little bit!

  • So, how did it turn out?


    Image via April Daniels Hussar

    In the end, I conclude that it can certainly make a difference to my day -- or to at least part of my day -- to brighten things up with some bold lipstick. It's not life-altering, and it's not deep, but it's just one of those little things that can help me feel a little more put together, or pretty, or festive. I won't be wearing lipstick every single day, or for every chore, but I'm certainly inspired to go for the bold a lot more often. Look out, Joan Holloway!

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