260-Pound Woman Strips Down in the Street to 'Save' Other Women (VIDEO)

bikiniIt's a sight you don't see every day: A 260-pound, bikini-clad woman proudly strutting down Hollywood Boulevard. It's an image that has earned Amani Terrell plenty of double-takes -- which is exactly what she wants. But she's not simply an attention-loving exhibitionist. There is a greater goal to her half-naked outings.


Just one look at Terrell and it's clear she has an extraordinary amount of body confidence. She is doing something that women half her size would never DREAM of -- myself included.

I am just mesmerized at how self-assured she is. I didn’t wear shorts for nearly seven years because of cellulite. And I am nowhere near as big as she is. It's ridiculous, I know. But it took me awhile to get over the fact that I was bigger. It really can chip away at a woman's self-confidence. So when I see Amani, I am amazed ... and more than a bit jealous. How can she feel so great about herself? Especially since everything in our world is telling her she is far from hot. But that's Amani's point with all of this -- to combat this ridiculous and unfair beauty ideal that we are consumed with.

She is pleading with other women to stop seeking validation from other people. The world is just too cruel for that. She should know. Being "fat" in Los Angeles can be an emotionally crippling experience if you let it. She came up with this idea -- to walk around in public in a bikini -- because of what she calls the "mass hysteria" of perfection in that town. She wants to crush the perception that overweight women are not confident. She is beyond proud of her shape and her looks. So her goal is to show all of us that big is most certainly beautiful.

Of course the response has been mixed: some admire her and some heckle. One guy took one look and said he lost his appetite and another called her, "Precious." Terrell, however, is undaunted. She quipped: "That was very unkind but that's cool because I love myself." I wish we all were so confident, don't you?

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