Nicole Kidman Goes Without Pants & Looks Hotter Than Ever (PHOTO)

Nicole Kidman

Whoa. You seriously aren't going to believe how smokin' hot Nicole Kidman's new Jimmy Choo ad is -- especially since she apparently forgot to get fully dressed for the photo shoot.

I know we're probably supposed to focus on her shoes, but it's damn near impossible to look away from her long, lean legs -- which look to be about a mile high.

Did I mention she's 46 years old yet could probably pass for a 20-something with this particular ad?

Have a look and see for yourself what I'm getting all envious about.


Nicole Kidman

I know. She looks so good she almost doesn't appear to be a human being. (Meaning she looks like a mannequin.)

And let's not forget to mention that she isn't wearing a bra underneath that blazer -- and nothing appears to be sagging in that area either.

Ok, so it's probably all sorts of airbrushed. But still. She looks amazing. (And way sexier than any of us could ever hope to look sans pants.)

What do you think of Nicole's ad?


Image via Jimmy Choo

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