Mom of 5 Dies After Butt Lift Surgery That She Tried to Cancel

A mother of five who decided to have a buttocks lift is dead after she developed a blood clot. We tend to forget about how risky surgery can be. Of course, everything carries a risk -- and surgery is still incredibly safe overall. But we're so bombarded with images of celebrities who have willy-nilly had their whole face and entire body restructured that we tend to forget there are any risks at all. The real tragic part here is that this mom of five had changed her mind about the surgery, but then went through with it at the last minute because of something totally avoidable.

Maribel Cardona of Naples, Florida had arranged for a butt lift surgery through a clinic in Miami. She apparently had decided on this particular clinic because it was cheaper than the others. Right there is a red flag.

But it seems her son talked her out of the surgery, worried about the risks. Brazilian buttocks lift surgery requires a transfer of fat from one part of the body to another and there is a risk of clotting. Cardona reportedly tried to cancel the surgery -- but she couldn't get her $4,000 deposit back, so she decided to go through with it. That was the last decision she would ever make.

An autopsy concluded she had died from a lung embolism, or clot, caused by fatty tissue that had reached her bloodstream.

The surgeon who performed the lift, Dr. Anthony Hasan, was reportedly already on probation when he performed the surgery and had to be under the supervision of a doctor. In fact, Dr. Hasan, although he had performed many plastic surgeries, was not a licensed plastic surgeon but a dermatologist. However, in Florida, dermatologists can perform plastic surgery.

There's no way to not have any risk during a surgery, but if you are considering plastic surgery, make sure you get a doctor certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You can check this on the American Board of Medical Specialties' website.

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You should check to see if there are any malpractice judgments against the doctor. You can find this through your state's medical board. Hasan was sued for malpractice in 2007 but settled with the patient.

While it's tempting to want to shop around for the best price -- or even fly out of the country for it -- remember that you might get what you pay for. If someone suggests surgery in a hotel or anywhere other than a hospital or doctor's office -- run!

And never be afraid to ask tough questions. Go back several times to the surgeon if you must. Also, ask for references. And simply doing a Google search can get you a lot of information.

It's totally worth it to do your research, and if you have any doubts, then listen to them.

Have you ever had or considered plastic surgery?


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nonmember avatar Sarah O

So sad. Even when I'm looking for a general practitioner or new OB/GYN I look up the doctor on the state's department of health site to make sure their licenses are valid and they don't have any malpractice complaints against them.

nonmember avatar me

I hate my new stomach and boobs. I wish I could get my old ones back, but im too worried that would happen to me. Im much more happy living with my deflated boobs and a saggy stomach than dying with a flat belly and perky boobs so heres to lots of push up bras and control top panties

youth... youthfulsoul

I had plastic surgery 8 yrs ago by a surgeon my doctor recommended. I had no idea, and was never informed ahead of time, that he would have an assistant doing my surgery with him. Needless to say, she made mistakes and I'm definitely not happy with the results. But I'd never have it fixed, for the same reasons stated above. It doesn't matter who you go to. The outcome is unpredictable.

Leila... LeilaBeansMom

OR....we could stand up as a society and say "ENOUGH!" You are beautiful the way you are and don't NEED bigger boobs, a smaller nose, higher cheekbones, a butt lifted, etc, etc. Embrace your unique self. You are perfect.

(I fully support plastic surgery for health and/or reconstructive and similar reasons.)

Happy... Happydad73


You invalidate your 'you are beautiful the way you are' argument when you say it's ok for reconstructive reasons. You are either beautiful the way you are or you're not. You can't have it both ways. And many, many women (and men) have these surgeries to enhance themselves based on their own ideals of beauty.

Leila... LeilaBeansMom

I am talking about a cancer survivor who lost both breasts wanting to put back what was there before. A horrific car accident where you lose half your face and would like it back. Not one of those women and men would undergo surgery if at some point in their lives they hadn't heard "you're not good enough". No one is born thinking their boobs are too small or their butt needs to be lifted. That their nose is a funny shape or their cheeckbones aren't high enough. That comes from being exposed to years of the message that you are not good enough, and no one telling you it's bullshit.

Starr Rose Deucalion-Oceguera

People who feel like that need to get plastic surgery or want plastic surgery because they don't feel like God gave them what He should have. Every surgery anyone goes under has risk. To put yourself in that predicament just to look better, to be fake, to bring those risks to yourself at your will, if something happens whether it be it didn't turn out right or how you wanted, or Lord forbid the ultimate consequence, it's hard to be sympathetic for that person because they were vain or shallow to get the work done to make them self look better. Or whatever reason they had the work done, aside from reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is something that would be needed not wanted. This woman who changed her mind but couldn't get her money back so went through with it is sad. She had changed her mind for whatever reason, but went through with it because she couldn't get her money back, unfortunately she paid the ultimate price.

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