Star's Unretouched Pic Reveals Startling Truth About Her Face (PHOTOS)

LordeYou don't have to be a big fan of Lorde's music to appreciate her latest move. It proves that in the world of celebrities, she quite possibly is one of a kind. The singer was so miffed about an airbrushed picture that was posted of herself during a stage performance, she posted another pic from the same event -- sans that perfect, retouched glow. The difference is startling. Take a look.


The 17-year-old's skin is far from perfect and that's a dose of reality we all should appreciate. Stars always look flawless for one reason -- airbrushing. No one is perfect, despite what the images in magazines and on websites constantly depict. It's just not possible for these women (and men) to walk around without one wrinkle, blemish, scar, or other so-called "unsightly" marks that you routinely find on regular human beings.

We love that Lorde boldly and openly called this out. She doesn't want her fans to have a fantasy land perception of who she is and what she looks like. I wish more stars were as comfortable with themselves and spoke out against the excessive retouching. And it's not just about clear complexions. Silhouettes are commonly slimmed, bat wings amazingly disappear, and skin tones are lightened. And those computer-generated images have become our ideal -- never mind the fact that not even the stars look that way.

Lorde has done a tremendous favor to her 1.3 million Twitter fans. And this isn't the first time. She posted photos of her face dotted with zit cream. She's got "flaws" and she's not afraid to show them. Why? Because she's a real person, not some edited product. She's not embarrassed of the way she looks -- even if she's not "perfect." That's an attitude we all should embrace.

Do you think more stars should rebel against the over-airbrushing or do you like seeing them flawless?


Image via Twitter

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