One Small Change Gave Me the Makeover I Desperately Needed

Mary Fischer and sonDue to a variety of factors including the insanely cold winter we're finally coming out of -- I found myself in a major, MAJOR funk over the past few months. Actually, forget calling it a funk. Ever since last summer ended, I've been in a depression of sorts -- to the point where I kind of let myself go a little bit in regards to my appearance.

(See how I was using my kid as a shield? Pathetic.)

I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I found myself in yoga pants on days when I had no intention of working out. I stopped putting on makeup every day. I gained weight. And I even started telling myself that because I'm in my late 30s -- it really didn't matter that my looks had gone in the gutter a little bit.

But then a couple weeks ago, I made one teeny-tiny change to my appearance -- and suddenly I look and feel like a brand new person.


To put it simply, I decided to switch things up at the salon and had my stylist spice up my color, take a couple inches off my locks, and give me a side bang.

Mary Fischer

Better, right? (I think it's cute.)

And I'm not kidding, people -- the minute I underwent this subtle hair transformation, it's like it gave me this breath of fresh air I needed to start caring about how I look again.

I'm getting dressed every morning. Like legitimately dressed in real clothes. (Ok, sometimes I still wear leggings. But with a nice top.) At the very least, I put on concealer and tinted moisturizer, but most days, I aim for full-on makeup. I've even cleaned up my diet and adopted a healthy eating plan again -- which resulted in eight pounds of winter weight being kicked to the curb. (Winning.)

It's like I finally have the motivation to get back on track again -- all because I want the face, figure, and style to go along with the new hair.

Who knew that something so small could be just the trick to revamping my entire look? Now instead of dreading the season of dresses and skirts that's coming our way, I'm actually looking forward to it -- which was not the case before my fated salon trip.

Bring it, spring and summer. I'm finally ready for ya. (Well, except for bathing suits.)

Do you feel renewed after a haircut?


Images via Mary Fischer

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