Kaley Cuoco's Dramatic New Haircut Has an Unexpected Effect (PHOTOS)​

Kaley Cuoco

OMG, you guys -- Kaley Cuoco cut her hair, and the end result is nothing short of fabulous!

I know, I know -- celebs opting for shorter 'dos are pretty much a dime a dozen these days, so you're wondering why in the heck I'm getting all excited about this.

Well, it's probably because Kaley's shorter hair has had the opposite effect on her appearance than what usually happens when women lop off a few inches.

Check out these photos to see what I mean.


Here's a shot just before her stylist got all scissor happy.

Kaley Cuoco

And here is the finished product.

Kaley Cuoco

Am I nuts or does Kaley look at least five years younger or so? Take a look at the shot of her at the top and then come back to this one.

See? It's like getting rid of all that excess hair turned back the hands of time or something. I don't know if it's the shape of her face or what -- but this new look is about 1,000 times better than her old one (and the old one wasn't even remotely unattractive!).

Gah. Why can't the rest of us be so lucky? Every time I take so much as an inch or two off my hair, I feel like I get another year older. At the rate Kaley is going, she could probably even pull off a chin-length 'do or possibly rock a pixie cut without aging a bit.

But then again -- her hair looks pretty amazeballs the way it is, so maybe it's best for her to wait a couple months before hitting the salon again. Why mess with a good thing?

Do you like Kaley's shorter hair?


Images via Instagram

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