Want Your Pre-Pregnancy Breasts Back? It's All in the Bra

bras, trick to pre-baby boobsAfter I finished breastfeeding my fourth baby and lost most of my baby weight, I was pretty depressed about my boobs.

I realize I'm not supposed to say that because it sounds vain. Plus, they fed my children and that's amazing! And awesome!

And yes that's great, really it is, but I miss my old breasts.

As it turns out, half of my problem was that I was wearing the wrong bra. Maybe you are too.

To me, getting sized for a bra in a fancy bra shop seemed like a luxury. And for all intents and purposes, it is. The thought of spending $100 on something that holds up my boobs seemed utterly ridiculous, so I'd usually just pop into any larger store, maybe try it on (usually not), and go on my merry way.

That also meant I was pulling up falling straps, tugging at the back, and constantly adjusting the front.

But after ditching the nursing bras and seeing a gaping space in my old regular bras, I decided it would be worth the time and money to get sized. Logic says that after you breastfeed or, heck, just gain weight (and then lose it, maybe) from a pregnancy, your breasts are going to be a different size. Your back is going to be a different size.

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And you're going to need a new bra. 

Behold! I was correct. And after getting sized, which, by the way, is not as awkward or weird as it might sound, my life was completely changed. Because not only do they give you the correct size, they will also suggest what types of bras you should be wearing.

And guess what? It's not always the same bra with every shirt.

It's okay, I did that too.

Of course some of the bras, if not most of them, might be pretty expensive, but if you can't afford some of the higher-quality ones, you can at least get a sense of your size and what works for your breasts.

Who knew that the harder cup bras weren't actually great for me because they only emphasized the loss of tissue after nursing? And there wasn't that big of a cup size discrepancy, which really shouldn't matter that much, but let's just be honest here, IT REALLY DOES.

If you do invest in good bras, make sure you're not just tossing them into the laundry, which, I admit, I still do from time to time. Okay, more than not. Very bad. It's really important to wash them separately (and gently) and then hang them dry. You'll get way more wear for your money.

Granted, none of this solves the challenges of being bra-less. But really, how often is that happening? I just make sure I'm on my back and not standing up.

Just kidding.


Have you ever been sized for a bra?


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nonmember avatar Jules

Yes I've been sized and I definitely recommend it. I was a small C before my 2 pregnancies and now I am a full C afterwards. I did not breast feed though and I always wear a bra and a sports bra to bed. So far so good. No sag:)

linzemae linzemae

I've only been sized at victorias secret. They always measure me small and their bras always dig into my armpits. I wish there was somewhere else I could go!

nonmember avatar blue

I've never been sized, but I don't seem to have discomfort issues with my bras. I don't even feel them there, and I'm not small chested. Somehow, I managed to avoid big changes in my breasts after my child. I'm sure age is getting ready to fix that, though!

kayba... kaybayblee3

Linzemae try looking around for speciaty bra stores. They're more on "experts" on measuring women. It's amazing what a good fitting bra feels like.

the4m... the4mutts

I've been sized at specialty stores, at fredricks, at victorias, and they ALWAYS size my cup size too large, and my strap size too small. I am a 36D, NOT a 34DD. And every time I've gone in, I've told them that a DD is far too large for me. But they just dont listen. They try to get extra padded ones to make up for the empty space.

So I went to walmart, and tried on 5billion bras. The fitting room lady wad quite annoyed. But I found 4 that I loved. I'll stick to doing it that way from now on.

khs09... khs09vallan

I was sized during and after both of my children. Definitely recommend it. before my children I was a 38 c now I'm a 38h. If I buy a 44 dd I'll fit but the band is too big and a little saggy so I just splurge around tax time and buy five or six of the bras that fit right. I have to go to a specialty shop but its totally worth it.

Robin Hartman

Nordstroms is a good place to go. Professional sales people will fit you and they have an excellent return policy if you need it. I've actually had compliments on my boobs!

.anon... .anonymous

My boobs are fine, and I like my Walmart bras. I don't have a way to be fitted, anyway, but I have no complaints about the comfort level of what I wear.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I've been sized twice since I had my kid. Once right after breastfeeding and once last week. I went into Victoria's Secret and was told I was a 38B. I bought one that was semi comfortable but it was loose an my boobs felt like they were going to pop out and break the darn thing! I was also wearing old bras and mostly sports bras because I couldn't find anything that fit!! Then last week I went back to Victoria's to splurge. The bra specialist took one look at my frustrated face and sized me... Turns out im a 36D. When I put on the bras she brought me I almost started crying!! The difference a well fitted bra makes is crazy!

Freela Freela

I was wearing the same old, worn out bras for years... finally got fitted and loved the results! Well worth it!

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