Britney Spears Flaunts Her Killer Bikini Bod on the Beach (PHOTOS)

britney spears bikini pics Guess who knocked it out of the park fashion-wise when taking to the beach with her family, you guys? None other than Miss Britney Jean Spears. I know. What planet are we even on?! Wasn't it just earlier this week where I bemoaned Britney's fashion? It was. But that might as well be ancient history in the light of Britney's newest look.

Britney donned a series of bikinis when hanging out at the beach with her boyfriend and her family. In my favorite shot, she's wearing a teeny-tiny blue two-piece and pairing it with a ridiculously happy smile. Clearly things with her lovah David Lucado are going well. I feel like we haven't see Brit Brit look this good in ages. She's pretty much glowing and working that bikini like she's gettin' paid to! 


Britney shared photos of herself wearing two different bikinis. There's the bright blue one that I've mentioned, and then a hot pinkish orange one. In the latter, we see her pictured with her kids and her boyfriend, having a blast on the beaches of Hawaii. Learning to get some well deserved rest and relaxation must be paying off, because Britney looks, lean, healthy, and absolutely gorgeous. 

britney spears bikini pics

It is still pretty ridiculous to me that she can absolutely knock swimwear out of the park (she does it so well, she even knows how best to stand to accentuate her curves) but still be so hit or miss with the rest of her clothes. I feel like so often celebs miss the boat with bikinis and wind up wearing trashy suits. For Britney this is clearly not a problem. Hopefully one day she'll learn how to apply her style prowess here on the beach into successful red carpet looks. End note: I am not suggesting she wear a bikini on the red carpet, let the record show.

Which suit pictured do you like the best?


Images via Instagram

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