Jessica Simpson Shares REAL 'No Makeup' Pic -- Holy Cow! (PHOTO)

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson was reborn recently. The lovely star posted a #nomakeup selfie on Thursday, and not only was it an honest-to-goodness real no makeup photo of herself, as opposed to one of those dimly-lit, light mascara and lip gloss ones -- she looks about 12! Christ, what is this woman eating?!

Is it the Weight Watchers portobello mushroom fajitas? Say it's the Weight Watchers portobello mushroom fajitas, and I'll go buy them, I'm not joking.


jessica simpson

Jessica shared the snap when she was working out and, shockingly, didn't even make mention of the fact that she was bare-faced. She's simply smiling on a treadmill with a friend and she looks adorable. And shockingly well-rested for a woman with two young kids!

You know what I figured out the key is? The photo is taken from afar. Now, don't get me wrong, Jess is clearly an incredibly beautiful woman, but yowzers! This is one of the prettiest (honest) mid-workout, makeup-free photos I've ever seen. I don't doubt that Simpson would look almost equally stunning up-close, but, uh, I wouldn't. The next time someone wants to take a no makeup, hair unbrushed pic of me (which, you know, happens all the time when I'm walking down the street), I'm going to tell them to back up. And then take the photo.

Looking great, Jess! Motherhood -- and no makeup! -- certainly suits you!

How great does Jessica look in this photo? What are your tips for looking good in photos?


Images via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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