Emma Watson Dresses Like a Man & the Result Is Shocking

Emma WatsonEmma Watson is a style icon. First she hacked off her hair and looked only the more beautiful for doing so, and now she's rocking menswear like virtually no woman before her has done. She was photographed on her way to a taping of The Tonight Show in traditional, dude-like black and white. But there was nothing boyish about her looks.

Women in men's clothing have always been a fashion go-to. I immediately conjure up images of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall or Marlene Dietrich wearing her infamous top hat and tails. Emma's simple, streamlined look here is a breath of fresh air. It's just as iconic as anything those other infamous boy-clothes wearing ladies ever donned. Here's hoping other celebs jump on board.


Emma did the look right. She wore a black Saint Laurent suit with a cigarette-cut pant. She ditched the gimmicky aspects of girls going full-boy and left the tie at home. This served to soften the overall feel of the outfit. She also capped the ensemble with basic black Louboutins (blasphemy I know, there's nothing 'basic' about Loubs) and a fabulous black clutch.

emma watson

It's hard to imagine Emma ever looking anything but awesome. Still, this pairing is pretty exceptional. It's old school and new all at the same time. It feels fresh rather than trendy. It skews a whole lot more Fred Astaire than it does Annie Hall, which I kind of adore. It's funny how a look that's considered masculine can, at times, only serve to highlight someone's utter femininity. That's definitely what this suit does for Emma. Brava!

What do you think of Emma's look?


Images via Splash News/Instagram

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