5 Weird Foods That Will Whiten Your Teeth (PHOTOS)

teethWe all know the foods and drinks that will stain our teeth (coffee, anyone?), but did you know that there are actually foods that can help naturally whiten your teeth? As in you can be making yourself more beautiful by ... eating. Sounds good to me! And don't worry, they're not all healthy foods. According to Marc Liechtung, DMD, principal at Manhattan Dental Arts, "Turns out not everything you actually want to eat is bad for you, particularly when it comes to building brighter, whiter teeth."

Dr. Liechtung says that there are five foods typically reserved for "cheat" days that are doctor-approved for a strong, sparkling smile. (Yay for eating bad food without the guilt!)

Here are 5 weird (yummy!) foods that actually whiten your teeth.


Image via Rupert Taylor-Price/Flickr

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