Hideous Fashion Trend Is Making a Comeback but Don't Be Scared

For much of my life, I have been firmly against fanny packs. I remember the extreme disdain I felt for anyone sporting one back in the day ... And we all know that there is no one so disdainful as a pre-teen girl. That disdain is something I thought would last my whole life (see also: Birkenstocks), but, um, well, the truth is ... I think I may be changing my mind about fanny packs.

Horrifying, right? No! Wait! It's not what you think!


I'm not talking about the fanny packs of yesteryear, which, truly, are ridiculous looking. I'm talking about a sleeker, more chic version of the fanny pack. Yes, it does exist! And yes, they are making a comeback.

When I read that Rihanna wore a fanny pack to the Chanel runway show earlier this year, I laughed. But THEN my very hip and fun mom friend came to visit me from Boston recently sporting a quite cute leather item that can only be described as a fanny pack. It was sort of similar to the leather hip bag pictured above. It looked great on her AND left her hands-free, which is "handy" (GET IT?) when you have two little boys, like she does!

I was quite impressed. INTRIGUED, you might say. So I started keeping my eyes out and discovered that TONS of brands are marketing fanny packs -- though some call them "belt bags" or even "BUM BAGS," which is kind of awesome if you think about it. Here are just a few of the really cute options out there. (Note: for the sake of making a point, I included some ridiculously priced bags, which I'll keep in mind if I ever win the lottery!)

Pictured here, clockwise from the top left: ONE by Evan Fanny Pack ($210 at shopbop.com); Sonia Rykiel Metallic Belt Bag ($520 at intermixonline.com); Ecote Marlow Embellished Belt Bag ($49 at urbanoutfitters.com); Harveys Seatbelt Bag Hipster ($84 at zappos.com); Kipling Multiple Belt Bag ($41 at macys.com); MARNI embellished bum bag ($895 at farfetch.com)

Cute, right?!

I'm already a big fan of the cross-body bag; a "fanny/bum/belt" bag just takes it to the next level. Of course, neither a little cross-body nor a fanny pack is realistic for a mom of babies or toddlers who needs to carry around a ton of stuff, but for those days when you want to/can afford to be a little more carefree, I think I may be a fanny pack convert!

What do you think about these updated fanny packs?

Image via RuthKraus/Etsy

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