Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Secret Sounds Like a Lie

Jennifer Aniston's beauty secrets with AveenoJennifer Aniston recently was dishing about her supposed "beauty secrets." Clearly we all want to know what they are. I mean, the woman has flawless skin and her hair is without parallel. I kind of hate her for it. I know she probably works mad hard to attain that level of perfection. She's a well-documented doer of yoga, and as a celebrity, she's got the dollars and the access to loads of treatments that most of us common, wrinkle-having folks will never be able to indulge in. 

But now she's talking about what she thinks makes for the best beauty products. And what she's selling, I ain't buying. I mean this both literally and figuratively. Jen's a spokesperson for Aveeno cosmetics, so it makes sense that she'd be schilling their stuff. I happen to like Aveeno for the same reasons Jen claims to: Simple ingredients and a reasonable price. 


They have this under-eye cooling stick that is boss while we're talking about them. THAT SAID. I find it to be totally suspect that Jen exclusively uses Aveeno products. She's into beauty and style and makeup and she works in an industry where she's photographed all the time.

If you want me to believe that the only lotions and potions she's got in her medicine cabinet are by Aveeno, then you are a crazy person who will have to put me under a spell. Because that's the only way I'd be willing to go with you on this one. I'm not saying that I think she's lying exactly. I'm saying that I think that in addition to the copious amounts of Aveeno products she surely owns, she's also got other more luxe brands kicking around her manse.

I'd be far more likely to buy some Aveeno stuff if Jen were all, "I rep Aveeno because they are all about all-natural beauty. They are a beauty staple of mine among all the other stuff I also clearly use." Admittedly, I know truth in advertising isn't exactly the norm. But when you're making the simple and the natural your business, maybe it should be!

Do you buy that Jen only uses Aveeno?


Image via al7n6awi/Flickr

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