5 Dos & Don'ts of Wearing Spring's Hottest Trend

BCBG black jumpsuitThere have been plenty of hot and happenin' trends over the past couple years that many of us haven't necessarily been able to get on board with. For me, I'm still puzzled by this whole reemergence of the crop top and can't even imagine attempting to rock overalls. But one trend I can get down with? The jumpsuit.

Now before you get all like "are you SERIOUS?!" on me, hear me out: When styled and worn correctly for your body type, the jumpsuit can be the perfect option for daytime casual or dressy evening.

Have I piqued your interest? Good. Check out these 5 dos and don'ts for rockin' this season's hottest trend: the jumpsuit. 


DO: try layering. If you've never worn a jumpsuit before, it's a bold look to take in all at once. Try layering your jumpsuit with a blazer or denim jacket. Keep in mind -- if your jumpsuit is a pattern, you're better off wearing a solid top, and vice versa.

DON'T: pick the wrong waist for your shape. Some women are naturally pear-shaped, others have more of a boyish figure, and so on. Pending on your shape, you know where clothes hit you best. Most women I know opt for an empire-waist style, cinching at the waist.

DO: go black: Everyone has the perfect little black dress in their closet, and the perfect black jumpsuit can be just as handy. It's an easy ensemble to take from day to night by swapping out sandals or flats for heels and chunkier jewelry.

DON'T: go without hemming. Although many of us wish we were equipped with legs for days, the reality is that, well, we're not. Many rompers are on the longer side, which means the last thing you want to do is ruin your chic look by stepping all over the bottoms. Splurge for the extra $15 to $30 and have the item taken up to just the right length.

DO: accessorize. Go ahead, have fun with your flirty look! Just a note: If your romper is printed, your best bet is to keep the accessories on the wrists or opt for earrings. The last thing you want is to take an already bold look and add too much clutter -- so to speak -- around the neck area.

Do you have a jumpsuit? If not, would you try one if you found the right one?

Image via lyst.com

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