9 of the Biggest Celebrity Fashion Disasters (PHOTOS)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen usually get it when it comes to fashion (though you could argue MK's boho styles have come across as a bit confusing at times). But even they got it wrong this week when they were spotted rocking Birkenstock-style leather sandals with white tube socks. I don't care how fashion savvy they usually are -- this will never not be a no-no. Never, ever!

But, at the end of the day, we can give a pass to the fashion designing duo because they more or less always look polished (Ashley) or at the very least hip and somewhat dirty -- in the best way possible (MK). Know who we can't forgive? The following celebrities, who have committed 9 of the biggest fashion disasters we've witnessed in some time. Tsk, tsk, celebs.



Image via Instagram

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