9 Ways to Wear Pastels Without Looking Like a Little Girl (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Mar 25, 2014 Beauty & Style

Pastel colors are going to be a big trend this spring, but many women tend to shy away from them because they fear looking like Easter eggs or little girls. There's no need to avoid the lightest and sweetest lavenders, pinks, blues, and yellows, which can soften your overall look and make you feel happier and lighter than you have all winter long -- if you can keep a few tricks in mind for how to wear them well.

Lucky for us, it's easier than ever to find great and sophisticated pastel clothing and accessories. Here are 9 essential pastel pieces that will make you super excited to add light hues to your spring wardrobe.


Image via asos.com

  • Lilac Work Pants


    Image via jcpenney.com

    Take the stuffy out of work pants by lifting them to ankle height, trading your gray and black for lilac, and pairing them with super high and strappy heels and a delicate white blouse ($27.99 at jcpenney.com).

  • The Classic Trench Coat -- Updated


    Image via johnlewis.com

    One foolproof way to make pastels work after age 10: choose pieces, like this classic trench coat in pastel pink, that are both feminine and practical ($250 at johnlewis.com).

  • Cool, Green Statement Dress


    Image via choies.com

    Every woman needs a dress that is a little impractical but makes a big statement. This mint-green shift with floral cut-out details is the perfect garden party piece ($74.99 at choies.com).

  • Daffodil Cocktail Dress


    Image via jjshouse.com

    Bet you didn't think pastels could be sexy and glam, too? This cocktail dress, which features a sheath scoop neck and beading, stands out in a soft daffodil-yellow shade that will look amazing paired with silver strappy heels ($119 at jjshouse.com).

  • Sharp & Sweet Blazer


    Image via asos.com

    A chic little work blazer in dusty pink livens up your all-black office uniform ($75.28 at asos.com).

  • Breezy Blouse


    Image via yoox.com

    This light green sheer blouse may seem too whimsical and childlike, but you can easily toughen it up by pairing it with a nude tank top and your most serious of work suits or a great pair of dark denim jeans ($125 at yoox.com).

  • Blue Beauty of a Bag


    Image via ebags.com

    Say "yes" to an Easter egg-blue handbag, as long as it features a ladylike, polished style that is versatile ($104.99 at ebags.com).

  • Hot Heels


    Image via asos.com

    Wondering what heels to wear with your boot-leg cut white denim pants or black work suit skirt? These pointed-toe pale pink beauties are both flattering and make a sweet statement ($60.22 at asos.com).

  • Sassy Spearmint Loafers


    Image via modcloth.com

    Laidback days require loafers that are comfortable and stylish. Pair these spearmint Bass penny loafers with capri pants, a T-shirt, and a cardigan to look stylish and cool ($129.99 at modcloth.com).

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