Britney Spears Looks Like Her Closet Attacked Her in Crazy Airport Outfit (PHOTO)

Britney Spears Britney Spears has never been known for being, uh, a bastion of style and elegance. What she wore on her latest jaunt to LAX only serves to highlight her almost gifted ability to totally butcher the simple task of getting up in the morning and putting on clothes. She was snapped wearing an assortment of workout gear. Ostensibly, there is zero shame in that game.

But none of it matched or really even made sense. The striped skirt seems to have been purchased from planet weird. And what is up with her brown wedge, I don't know, hiking boots? She looks like an out of touch German tourist. What should be an easy task (you know, wearing clothes), especially for a woman of her wealth, is, it seems for her, a feat almost impossible.


Can she not hire someone to keep her looking great? I'm all for being comfortable, especially when you're doing something like traveling by plane, but you can be comfy-cozy and still look like a million bucks. There are entire clothing lines dedicated to this. Sure, for you and me, shopping for a wardrobe of lazy clothes at Lululemon might to not be an option. But Britney can afford it! If comfort is her excuse, I'm just not buying it. Namely because nothing about that look screams 'I am so relaxed and at ease right now.'

Britney Spears' out there look at LAX

Heck, if she's trying to save a few pennies, jeans and an old simple t-shirt have to be part of her wardrobe. That humble standby would easily be an improvement over this ensemble. I am no style maven myself. I have been known to wear my clogs for weeks at a time. But even I am not above going to The Gap and purchasing things from their Body collection for stuff like traveling and lazing around at home days. Their stuff is comfortable and cute without looking totally bizarre.

What do you think of Brit's LAX look?


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