3 Ways to Give Yourself a Makeover Just in Time for Spring

This past winter really wreaked havoc on my skin (and my mind, but that's a topic for another day!). Between the frigid temperatures outdoors and the dry heat indoors, I feel like I've become part alligator! Now that it's officially spring, I'm all about treating my skin to a little pampering and rejuvenation. I think it's necessary not just for my looks, but for my sanity!

These are some of the products I've been loving ...


1. St. Ives Nourished and Smooth Oatmeal Scrub Mask

I'm so excited to have discovered this lovely and affordable product. I have super sensitive skin, so I'm always wary of "scrubs," but this is extremely gentle. You can use it just as an exfoliating wash, or you can leave it on for a few minutes as a mask. I keep it in the shower and have been using it a few times a week. I love the way my skin feels -- and looks! -- after. ($4.29 at Walgreens)

2. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

I first heard about this from my super savvy younger sister around Thanksgiving, but just finally got some to try last month. I'm in love. As eye creams go, it's not terribly over-priced, and it is absolutely DIVINE. Just a tiny little dab goes a long way, and it feels sooooo good going on -- I'm always tempted to slather it over my face too! Really, it's a luxurious treat for that delicate area around your eyes. It's ultra rich, so I only use it at night, but after a month or so I feel like it's made a difference. Highly recommended! ($28.50 at Kiehl's)

Finally, speaking of beauty sleep...

3. The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

This new release from The Body Shop delivers a powerful dose of the antioxidant Vitamin E to your skin while you sleep. It combines the benefits of a beauty oil and a serum, for a really reasonable price. Added bonus: it feels sooooo good to put on; it'll give you added incentive to not be lazy and cleanse your face at night! (Not that you're lazy -- I am!) You can use it alone, or under your night cream, or mixed IN to your night cream ($26 at The Body Shop)

Are you in the mood for a little spring makeover?

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