Breastfeeding Cream Is the Best Lip Balm -- We’re Not Making This Up

lipsBreaking news, ladies. Well, maybe not breaking for all of you, but for some of you, this is definitely breaking news. And it's weird. Did you know that nipple cream is one of the best lip balms out there? It's true! The stuff you rub on your boobs while nursing after they get cracked and chapped and -- okay, I'll stop there -- is great for your lips! I came across the tip this weekend while plummeting down an Internet rabbit hole that started god knows where. And I tried it! And it works!

Okay, for those of you who have never used nipple cream (and who want super smooth, moisturized lips), let me explain why the stuff is perfect for the delicate skin on our lips. Nipple creams are intended to heal minor skin irritations, so they're a little more intense than traditional lip balms. They're super thick and viscous, and typically are all-natural, which is a bonus. Apparently, Angie Harmon swears by Lansinoh nipple cream (which is what I tried), and after some Googling, it turns out a lot of other people do, too. Although weird, this makes complete sense, girls! Nipple cream is incredibly soothing, and think about it: If it's good enough for nursing mama's nipples, how could it not be good enough for our lips? (Trust me, there's logic in there.)

I even learned that there's a nipple cream lip balm out there, Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips. It's touted as a cream intended for lips, nipples, cuticles, calluses, sunburns, baby rashes, and scars -- and it has seriously good reviews. I tried the Lansinoh because I had some left in a drawer from my nursing days, but I might give this a go (for my lips) next. Another balm that can be used on nipples that I hear does wonders for lips? Homeplasmine. According to one reviewer, it's "KILLER" for dry lips.

Whodda thought, right? I mean, it seems so obvious now, but nipple cream for lips, ladies. Trust me.

Have you ever tried this? How do you keep your lips moisturized?


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Matthew Silva

All natural beauty products are great. I have used many different lip balms, I personally have found this one to work the best. I think the only place you can get it now is on Etsy. It is all natural using mango butter and coconut oil. Another plus is that when you buy it you are also helping to save to environment! It also has vitamin E and I believe bees wax. The main thing I like about it is how it applies smooth and clear. I also can feel it lasting long after I apply which I like. I have definitely noticed the difference in my lips since Ive been using daily. I also notice they are coming out with new flavors daily.

Stashlee Stashlee

Nipple cream does wonders for my cracking, dry hands in winter. We also use it on my boy's chapped cheeks when it gets windy. I just bought more recently and I haven't nursed in nearly 2 years.

Valerie Castro

It's great for your elbows too, they usually give you a sample size in the hospital when you deliver. Used on my lips while I was there forgot to pack lip balm in my overnight bag and the air in hospitals is always so dry.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Actually....I prefer to use the cream from my own milk. I pump occasionally and when I'm done I just dab the last drops on my lips and it feels great. Free too... Breast milk can be used to treat a wide variety if things. I've cured sinus,ear,and eye infections in my family, while our friends took antibiotics and were sick twice as long.

Meli Pacheco

I actually found this out when. I gave birth my lips were so dryer up

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