Madonna Takes Selfie of Her Long Armpit Hair We Didn't Need to See (PHOTO)

madonnaMadonna is the original Miley Cyrus. Kids today probably don't realize that. They see Madge as some washed up older lady who has songs that sound a lot like Lady Gaga. But Madonna was the OG Gaga, too. That Madonna, sure has it tough, doesn't she? Don't worry, Madge. I get you. I've been getting you since I was just a wee one younger than Miley and wearing 47 black jelly bracelets and lace gloves because I loved your like a virgin style. I'm even getting your latest stunt of super long armpit hair.

Oh yes. Madonna has let her armpit hair grow to amazing lengths and she took a selfie to show the world. You know you want to see it.



"Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove," the 55-year-old Madge wrote. And I'm with her. Sure some are going to think this is completely gross, but have you ever grown out your armpit hair before? I suggest you try it. It's liberating! But did Madonna really need to show us a photo of it?

Nope. Sure didn't. But she's Madonna. I guess it's better than seeing a tongue or a photo of yourself with a huge bruise on your butt and your hand on your you-know-what when lying nearly naked in a bikini, Miley.

Not even Madge's clevage will distract me from the armpit hair though. Also, I kind of expected the hair to be darker. It's a redish golden brown. Hmmm.

What do you think of Madonna's armpit hair photo? Have you ever grown your armpit hair to such amazing lengths?


Images via Madonna/Instagram

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