Graphic Eyeliner Is the Hot New Makeup Trend You Have to Try (VIDEO)

Your classic cat's eye is gorgeous -- but if you're getting a little bored with the look and want to spice things up, you'll love what spring has in store for you. The next great eye makeup trend is graphic eyeliner, which you should think of as the cat eye's cooler, hipper cousin.

Depending on how dramatic and bold you want to get, graphic eyeliner can make a real statement. Instead of placing one solid line along your upper eyelash and painting it thicker by the outer corners, you're free to allow your imagination to run wild when playing with graphic looks. From precise, thin lines that are applied to the crease to artful arrows that jut out from the eye's corner to thicker, squared-off "wings" worn with no mascara, anything goes with graphic eyeliner.

Here are 4 great tutorials for 4 different graphic eyeliners looks to help you get started.

Double Cat's Eye:

This is by far the most wearable makeup look in the category, as it's really just a slightly more funky version of the traditional cat's eye --

one that incorporates two cool outer lines instead of one. The key to making this one "pop" is to use your white eyeliner pencil and fill in the spaces between your outer "wings."

Bold Winged Liner:

This one could come off as a little frightening to others on the train during your morning commute. It takes a little extra time and patience to draw the perfect, smudge-free thick line along the crease that's required for the bold winged liner look, but the payoff is a fun and dangerously flirty eye that could work when you're out for dinner or at a party.

 Teal Appeal:

Creative women will get a kick out of this mermaid-inspired teal graphic eye, with its higher-than-crease line and bold incorporation of glitter on both the outer wings and inner eye. Obviously, you're saving this one for a truly out-there event or party. The artist in this video tutorial -- how can you call her anything else -- wisely outlines her wings with a white eyeliner pencil first before tracing over them with liquid black liner and MAC teal glitter.

Lots of Bottom Liner:

This look is a lot more wearable in every day life, though it still maintains a cool punk vibe. Women with hooded or smaller eyes can really make them stand out by drawing a supremely thick, but crisp and clean, black line beneath their eyes and extending it outward to cross over with the finest of upper eyelid lines.


Are you going to try graphic eyeliner this spring?


Image via YouTube

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sylph... sylph_ironlight

I would feel like an absolute idiot wearing that

Lulu2216 Lulu2216

Lol I thought the same thing sylph_ironlight. I think this trend is stupid and I've never seen anyone wearing this stuff.

the4m... the4mutts

Ew. Where on earth, other than a rave, would you wear those first 3 to?

The last is kinda nifty, I'll admit. But still... ew.

nonmember avatar Meg

I can't imagine anyone over the age of 21 wearing any of these without looking like an idiot.

Angie May

i wish i could "like" everyones comments so far! i think it looks horrible! i seen a commercial for this an instantly thought eeewwww! i sure hope not to see anyone over the age of 18 wearing this! im sorry but i dont think id be able to not laugh at any "adult" woman out in public wearing this. the extremely bright loud colored clothing ive seen older woman wearing is hard enough to digest.

balan... balancing-act

My 20 y/o DO pulls this look off well. She's got a boho/hipster style and somehow makes it work. I wouldn't dare.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Night out or interesting party--these would be great. Am an older wahine now, but would have done this New Year's Eve in Waikiki thrity years ago. What's up with you wahine? Sometimes make-up can be fun, like this--for going to clubs maybe, just not every day.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

The first one is awesome, I really like it.

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