Woman Dies After Injecting Her Breasts With a Common Baby Product

needleAsk any woman what her ideal body looks like and she will rarely -- if ever -- say that she already has it. We all want what we don't have. That presumably was the motivation behind an Argentinian woman's decision to inject petroleum jelly into her breasts.


Sonia Perez Llanzon was so desperate to increase her bust line, she resorted to the do-it-yourself enhancement instead of going to a licensed doctor.

Sadly, she paid the ultimate price in her quest for the ideal shape. Several weeks after the procedure, she had difficulty breathing and she went to the doctor. They soon discovered that she had a blood clot in her lungs. At first she denied having any kind of procedure despite the clear evidence that her breasts were bruised. However, she confessed to doctors what she had done but eventually succumbed to the blood clot.

"I've never seen a case like this. The human body has antibodies to remove bacteria and viruses, but it hasn't got any mechanisms against this type of product," a doctor told a local reporter.

I certainly understand his astonishment. It's almost too bizarre to believe someone would do this to themselves. But even Llanzon must have realized the huge mistake that she made. The fact that she was too embarrassed to tell the hospital staff what she had done to herself is telling.

But these kinds if incidents aren't isolated. Recently, The Stir reported on a woman who died after getting a botched butt lift in a New York City hotel. The person who conducted the procedure had no legitimate medical background whatsoever. It's really a shame what people will endure all for the sake of looking a little better. It's certainly not worth their lives.

Do you know anyone who has tried a do-it-yourself procedure like this?


Image via Alden Chadwick/Flickr

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