Madonna’s Butt Selfie in Fishnets Is the Final Straw (PHOTO)

madonnaGood Lord, Madonna. Put it away. 'It,' to be clear here, is her butt. Not that it isn't an awesome behind, Saint Peter knows it (again 'it' here is her butt) has logged more hours at the gym than I ever will, but still! There's a time and place for ample displays of bottom-meats. That time and place is almost never Instagram -- even if you are showcasing your latest corseted and fishnet-wearing butt styles.

It's not like Madonna wearing something that could be construed as 'scandalous' is really ground-breaking. The woman's made a career out of shocking moves and even more shocking costumes -- pointy bra ringing any bells? How about her trash-fabulous wedding gown? Madonna is the mistress of flaunting looks that make you gasp. But this one just has us cringing.


It's beyond ridiculous that taking selfies of one's hamhocks while wearing basically just leotards and tights is now a 'thing.' Isn't Madonna better than that? She's always prided herself on being an style innovator, so should we be able to look to her now for something new and less, I don't know, ass-filled?

I long for the day where I will click over to her Instagram (as I am wont to do) and find it filled with her clothed in gowns inspired by Victoria era England. Gone will be the full-on display of her hindquarters and in its place we'll get ankle-length gowns with two toes (in shoes, of course) coyly peeking out. No more butts, no more cleavage. We'll banish the notion of less being more and let more be more. I'm all for being comfortable with our bodies, but what's so uncomfortable about not risking ass-chapping by airing your fanny to the cruel breezes of the early spring months?

Do you think Madonna's look is risque or tired?


Images via Instagram/Instagram

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