Tori Spelling Looks Insanely Skinny in Tight Striped Dress (PHOTO)

Tori SpellingTori Spelling may be going through some tough times in her personal life, but you'd never know it looking at her. The proud mommy of four was recently photographed showcasing a look that was daring in more ways than one. Tori's breaking all the rules and looking fabulous in the process. We wonder what Dean McDermott thinks about that.

Tori was spotted in a black and white striped dress. The horizontal stripes played up her natural curves, giving her slim and angular frame just the right amount of softening around the edges. That said, there's no denying the fact that the woman is bananas-thin! Horizontal stripes are virtually always a no-no, but when you're as slender as Tori, they can be your best friend. Some folks give her slack for being too thin, but while she's small, she looks really healthy in this picture.


If the purchase of this dress was fueled by her alleged shopping addiction, then we strongly support her choice not to seek treatment and instead to maybe send us some stuff taking up too much room in her closet. Tori really upped the ante with this striped, bold look with her stellar use of accessories.

Tori Spelling

It's true what they say (don't ask me who they are), very often it is the little last-minute touches that kick an outfit up a notch from just so-so to stunning. Tori implemented her passion for bright colors in her choice of shoes and belt. She paired the dress with a turquoise belt with gold details at the waist and a conservative but cute pair of pink shoes. It shouldn't work, but it totally does. We'd take style tips from Tori any day of the week.

Did you like or loathe Tori's look?


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