Mary-Kate Olsen Admits How Shockingly Clueless She Was About Basic Hygiene

mary-kate olsenThere are certain, basic self-care skills society tends to assume we're all proficient in once we reach adulthood. You know, like doing dishes or laundry, tying your shoelaces ... brushing your hair! But depending on how stringent your folks were growing up, a couple of those basics may fall by the wayside. Hey, not pointing the finger here, but as the daughter of two ex-hippies, I think it's safe to say that neat, tangle-free tresses weren't their first priority!

Turns out, I may not have been the only one ... Mary-Kate Olsen recently confessed to Elle that at 27 years old, she just learned how to brush her hair! Ha!


The Full House star-turned-fashion designer revealed:

You know, the truth is I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week!

Okay, sure, she may have been joking, but there are plenty of reasons MK may not have really gotten a grasp on the grooming technique. Maybe she's always thought her wavy hair styled itself, or hmm, having grown up as an actress, I'm guessing she's had more than a little help in the styling department, too! You might also argue that the twins, who were trailblazers for the boho chic look, haven't exactly rocked prim and proper hairstyles that required much brushing for years!  

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In fact, their hairstylist Mark Townsend recently told the Coveteur:

They are blessed with having great texture and natural wave in their hair, so we don't have to spend a lot of time to get that perfectly tousled look. The biggest secret is the dry shampoo -- it gives the hair such amazing texture.

There you have it. The Olsen twins may seem like they're living on another planet most of the time, but it seems they've suffered from the very same complex so many of us women have for years and years ... The one that had me worshipping at the altar of beachy waves and refusing to run a brush through my hair! AH! Well, thank goodness that phase is through -- for more than one of us, it seems!

What beauty skill did it take you a while to pick up?


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