​'Mascara Cocktailing' Is a Beauty Trick You Just Have to Try

mascaraThe Beauty Department, a fantastic skin/hair/makeup website you seriously ought to be perusing weekly, recently posted on "mascara cocktailing." What is mascara cocktailing, you ask? Why, it's the combining of two different mascaras a la a cocktail. The point of mascara cocktailing is to get everything you could possibly want out of a mascara: Length and volume; definition and no clumps; etc. Mascara, like everything in life, is not one size fits all, so by combining two (or more, if you're feeling crazy), you're getting exactly the look you want.

The Beauty Department named a few of their favorite combos -- Kevin Aucoin Volume + Blinc for volume and length; Maybelline Full 'N Soft + Lancome Definicils to thicken and separate; and CoverGirl Flamed Out + Tarte Gifted Smart Mascara to wing out and intensify -- but it's definitely worth it to try out a few on your own.

And mascara isn't the only makeup you can "cocktail."


Before I get into it, I should mention that I have, in the past, "cocktailed" my mascaras. I can't remember the exact combo I used, but I do remember this: It's not a good idea to immediately apply your second mascara. Give it a minute. And be sure to have a lash comb handy, because when you're loading it on, it's guaranteed to clump (even if it says it won't). But on to bigger and better things. What else is cocktailable?

To me, the ultimate cocktail is tinted moisturizer and a serum. I read in a magazine last year that this is how French girls all get their flawless skin look, and I've been hooked ever since. After applying my regular moisturizer, I swirl together a little tinted moisturizer plus an oily serum, and my skin looks super dewy. 

And, lastly, another great cocktail of all time is self-tanning lotion. On a few occasions, I've mixed two different self-tanners in my hand and applied on my legs and arms. I felt that my skin was darker than "fair," but I didn't want the super dark look either. I couldn't for the life of me tell you what I used, but I do know the result was a really pretty shade, so it's definitely worth playing around with. 

Cocktailing! It's fun, ladies! Sort of like making your own makeup. And anything that has the word cocktail in it is all right with me.

Have you ever combined makeups?


Image via Wavebreak Media LTD/LightWave/Corbis

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