Purse That Looks Like a Plastic Bag Has a Price Tag That Will Make You Faint

Plastic bag purseWhat is the cost of a bag with a big smiley face and the phrase "Have a nice day" in most places? Usually, it's free (unless you live in San Francisco where -- by law -- you have to pay 10 cents for a shopping bag). But if you want a version that is "crafted from printed python skin ... lined in soft suede with hand-painted edges," you'll pay $4,000. Yes, $4,000 for something that looks JUST like a regular old plastic shopping bag.


The British designer Anya Hindmarch (whose purses have hung from the arms of Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton) has made headlines with her new high-end handbag modeled after something very humble. "Inspired by our passion for finding the beauty in the banal, our Happy Shopper tote is our luxurious take on the classic shopping bag," the description reads.

I'm all for "finding beauty in the banal," but not for charging $4,000 for it! It seems so very excessive and SUCH a waste of money. Just think of all the other things you could buy with $4,000 -- like outfitting your entire family for a year! I, for one, would rather save the money and just carry the original plastic (free) version.

Would you ever pay this much money for a handbag?


Image via Anya Hindmarch

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