Get a Picture-Perfect Manicure Using Instagram Shots as Nail Art (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Mar 18, 2014 Beauty & Style
Get a Picture-Perfect Manicure Using Instagram Shots as Nail Art (PHOTOS)

The next new nail art fad isn't just super cool or pretty, it actually turns you into a makeup artist/guru! Sure, you may think you're already in control of the look and style of your nails when you choose an interesting design at your nail salon. But imagine being able to actually take photos you've shared on Instagram and turn them into seriously unique nail polish stickers!

Thanks to a new app called NailSnaps, this awesome idea is set to become a reality this fall.

The NailSnaps app itself will be free. Beauty mavens can position a photo from their Instagram on a set of digital nails to be able to envision how their final product might actually look. Users can then order a set of stickers for less than $20 and get them delivered. Fun!

Of course, this creates a whole host of amazing nail art possibilities -- but, judging by people's Instagram photos, we're expecting some will be quite bizarre, as well. Here are 8 Instagram pics we expect to find on nails this fall.

Would you try NailSnaps? What Instagram photos would you choose for your nails?

Image via Facebook

  • Look, I'm Having a Baby Nails


    Image via Instagram

    You're expecting and you're excited. Rather than simply post your sonogram shot on Instagram or Facebook, you can wear your baby's first portrait proudly at your fingertips. Too bizarre?

  • Military Dad/Husband Nails


    Image via Instagram

    Heck yes. What a cool way to honor the person in your life -- whether your husband, boyfriend, dad, or grandpa -- who is giving or has given his life to protect us and defend our country.

  • I'm-So-Hot Selfie Nails


    Image via Instagram

    Uh oh. You just know this is going to be a thing, right? Kim Kardashian and all other hotties who love their selfies are going to adore the idea of being able to stare at their face on their fingers all day long.

  • Nail Art Meets ART-ART Nails


    Image via Instagram

    Maybe it's a bit hoity-toity for its own good, but why not feature actual art you've snapped at a museum as nail art?

  • Where Are You From Again Nails


    Image via Instagram

    Maybe you're incredibly proud of your home or adopted town or city -- show it by using a different snap of various cool landmarks on each of your fingernails.

  • Ryan Gosling Nail Art


    Image via Instagram

    Hey girl, I just love how you've chosen to express yourself in such a unique way through your interesting nail art. Of course this is what Ryan Gosling would say as he stared down at 10 perfect images of him on our 10 perfect nails.

  • What I Had for Dinner Nails


    Image via Instagram

    Lots of people are obsessed with posting countless pics of what they've eaten at restaurants or whipped up in their kitchens. These foodies will love the idea of proudly displaying their fave creations on their nails.

  • Anniversary Nails


    Image via Instagram

    Awww ... it's your second wedding anniversary -- take your fave photo from the day and splash them across your 10 digits and you'll be sure to smile each time you raise your glass to celebrate.

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