Paris Hilton Commits a Major Fashion Sin When She Goes Out in Leggings (PHOTO)

Leggings may look like pants, with their deceptively thick fabric and ability to turn any pair of boots into a fashion "do." Leggings may even act like pants, keeping your legs warm enough to make you think you're wearing, well, actual pants. But don't fall for it, guys -- leggings are NOT, nor will they ever be, true pants. Therefore, the number one rule of wearing leggings? Keep thy butt hidden at all times!

Paris Hilton recently decided to ignore that dress code of honor. As a result, she's paying for it by having her glam card taken away from her as folks accuse her of trying to dress like an ordinary mere mortal -- albeit one who has not gotten the memo about leggings.


Anyone who has ever come across a photo of Paris -- and that has to be, literally, everyone on the planet, right? -- knows that girlfriend regularly wears ballgowns and Barbie-pink tutus just to make soy latte runs. She isn't what we'd consider "sporty," though, so good for her for leaving the house for a hike with her pooches wearing something every one of us could have in her closets right now. I speak of this outfit:

Now, because I'm assuming her leggings actually cost $900, it doesn't shock me that they certainly look thick and do not appear to be made of that paper-thin material that lets the world see a woman's panties if she's wearing any color other than black -- ugh, is there anything worse?! Her T-shirt is cute -- wait, is that Paris on her own shirt? Not sure, but it may as well be -- and I adore her blue sneakers.

But crop top + leggings = I'm not fully dressed. I don't care how slender or gorgeous you are, this isn't about body type. This look has never worked on anyone, ever, nor will it ever work on anyone -- EVER.

Let's review these 5 simple but effective rules on how to wear leggings so that they flatter the body and look great:

1. Pair leggings with a longer top, like a tunic or a classy jacket. Either piece must, must, MUST cover your butt.

2. Wear leggings with a dress, mini skirt, or shorts and add a pair of cool boots.

3. Wearing leggings with ballet slippers is totally cute. Wearing them with super-high heels can be totally '80s. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing -- just make sure this is the look you're aiming to create.

4. Assuming you don't have the most creative job on Earth, keep wild-patterned leggings out of the workplace.

5. Be mindful of the fabrics you choose. We all love Sandy's black Spandex look in Grease, but love it from afar and choose basic cotton, leather, or even velvet for real life.

How do you like to wear your leggings?


Images via Instagram

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